==============Examples of No Tech/Low Tech AT=====================

Possible Low Tech Solution
Holds pencil too tightly that effect writing
Provide a pencil grip, shorter pencil or slant board
Miss-aligns numbers when completing math problems
Use graph paper for math problems
Can't remember basic multiplication/division math facts
Provide multiplication table
Can't organize ideas for writing
Provide a graphic organizer or color-coded paper to break down task
Has difficulties with "working memory" i.e. ability to multi-task.
Provide copies of notes so student can focus on listening, not listening and writing.
Has difficulty forming sentences
Provide word banks and sentence strips

==============Examples of Mid Tech AT=============================

Possible Mid-Tech Solution
Has transitioning different activities or maintaining focus
Provide a visual timer
Has difficulty writing assignment or lecture notes
Provide a "portable note taker" such as an Alphasmart
Has difficulty following auditory directions
Provide a visual schedule
Has limited communication
Provide a visual/portable communication book
Needs alternative access to a computer
Consider a track-ball mouse, switch or joystick.
Has difficulty forming sentences
Provide scaffolded writing support through "cloze" activities from specialized computer software.
Has difficulty writing notes and assignments from the board
Allow student to use a camera to take a picture of the whiteboard.

=============Examples of High Tech AT==============================

Possible High Tech Solution
No or limited vocal communication
A Speech Generating Device with communication software
Difficulties with reading
A computer with specialized software that reads the text.
Has limited mobility
An electronic infra-red hands head tracking mouse, or an eye gaze system.
Has difficulty with note-taking and multi-tasking
An electronic recording pen such as a "pulse" pen.
Has difficulty forming sentences
Provide scaffolded writing activities on the computer using specialized software such as Clicker5, Pix Writer or Classroom Suite.